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An easy to launch Learning Management System can increase chances of success for training initiatives by 35 percent.
Many organisations work with complex, judgment based processes. It is not sufficient to simply provide online content on LMS.
Capability is built through proper alignment of the learning pattern and competency of each learner.

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Features of Bytecasting C.E. LMS

Elearning Asset Manager

Development Module

Content Development Teams can share Elearning files with proper version control

learning management system

Deployment Module

Features like User Management, Learning Path, Course, Quiz, Rich MIS reports, Sales Enablement Module, Performance Support Module, APIs for Third Party Integration, Ask Expert and Many More Modules.

Native Content Authoring

Development Module

No need to know rapid authoring tool,
create content directly on LMS

Published Elearning / SCORM Compressor

Maintenance Module

Now you can edit multimedia (image, audio, video) of your published Elearning / SCORM, even if you dont have the source code. More power to you!

Published Elearning / SCORM Editor

Maintenance Module

Now you can edit multimedia (image, audio, video) of your published Elearning / SCORM, even if you dont have the source code. More power to you!


“It has almost been two years, since 2019, that Home-credit India has partnered with Stratbeans. Stratbeans have helped upskill our workforce of around 60k people through advanced digital learning solutions. The digital training & development solutions provided by Stratbeans have improved the quality of e-learning especially during these unprecedented times. We look forward to leveraging best of e-learning ecosystem and upskilling our needs from this association"

"We have subscribed to the LMS portal of Stratbeans since 2 years and have recently entered the thirs year of subscription, iDD was looking for a LMS solution which is user friendly, cost effective and customizable as per our needs, Stratbeans team conducted demo for us and answered all our queries patiently till we were satisfied. All efforts were made by Stratbeans team to provide customized solutions wherever it was possible."

"Scaled up implementation of Learning Management Portal was done with limited manpower available at the bank using the smart usage of AI. LMS helped create the learning enviorment allowing them to exlain and express themselves in their own native languages, LMS haleped reach people in all corners of world and due to small couses and assessment every one can learn, attempt and complete the task assigned, it is easy to use and very simple to learn."

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Smart LMS platforms like Bytecasting use simulation, targeted content recommendation and behavioural training using latest techniques of machine learning. Assign courses and learning paths to your learners, and LMS will recommend courses to each learner as per their job requirements or particular skill. LMS reports the progress of digital learning on the basis of assessments, done through quizzes and test papers.

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