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Case Study

Flexible and Fast Learning Management System
for Healthcare Industry


A major healthcare system in central and southern India. The Organization employs more than 4,000 people throughout its several hospitals and outlying locations, was in need of learning management system for healthcare industry.


The healthcare company was looking for a solution to better manage compliance and prevent monthly resuscitation expirations. Administrators wanted a solution to spend less time running and monitoring reports since they were falling behind on their compliance objectives.

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Our Team was chosen by the healthcare company due to its capacity to support and enhance compliance through its efforts to phase out reporting in significant programs and maintain reporting standards.

After a few months of implementation, the healthcare company was able to prevent monthly resuscitation expirations and give training to the entire team. They were able to gradually stop reporting on significant projects and monthly deadlines as a result. This led to a reduction in reporting request time of roughly 60 hours per year.