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Case Study

How an automobile manufacturing organisation built up confidence with Bytecasting LMS


A top-tier Japanese automobile manufacturer with a substantial market share of sedans and petrol engines in the Indian market. The company has a global presence with 15 production sites and more than 50,000 employees. 


Employee training and upskilling have always been a priority for the client. The approach for employee training was a traditional classroom method before the implementation of Bytecasting LMS. Considering the employees’ growth, the client realised they would need to scale their learning interventions for upskilling their staff. Classroom training was adequate but had its limitation with the availability of the trainers’ and employees’ time from their busy work schedules. Due to this, the employees could not attend training always and when needed. 

A few of the significant challenges the Bytecasting team noted are as below: 

1. Employees were utterly dependent on traditional classroom training.

2. Limitation to attend the training session due to busy work schedule.

3. Conducting assignments and maintaining training reports was a massive task for the L&D team


The Bytecasting Team gathered the critical challenges from the client and suggested a survey at the client’s location, which helped the team understand the learner’s point of view and what they wanted.

The team built a customised LMS solution for the client with a critical objective to scale the L&D intervention to the next level by going digital. The solution designed was keeping in mind that employees come from diverse background, ranging from those who are computer illiterate and more traditional to those who are tech-savvy. Some of the vital features of LMS for the client included:

1. Easy, user-friendly platform for learners’ seamless experience focusing on mandatory and relevant courses based on their attributes like Role, department, country, grade, and more.

2. Gamification leaderboard to increase the adoption and engagement among the learners.

3. Mobile application with offline functionality gives easy accessibility to learning materials for support of field executives and a manufacturing team located in remote locations.

4. Ask Expert feature to quickly connect and raise a query to the subject matter expert or trainers.

5. Byte-sized learning modules made learning possible in between the tight work schedule of the learners.


The Bytecasting team provided complete training on the product to the client. Due to this, the client could run their mandatory, on-the-job, and other learning exercises effectively. The employees now have a platform where they can learn at their own pace, going back and re-reading or accelerating through concepts they want to choose.


A complete new learning dimension was created for all employees across all locations, covering more than 50,000 employees. Significant benefits emanated through Bytecasting LMS: 

1. Significant increase in learning adoption of 70% each year. 

2. Effective and quick solutions for employee queries resulted in better work performance. 

3. Bringing the gamification element to the platform gave healthy competition among peers to learn more.