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Case Study

LMS for Healthcare Company
with Content Engineering Capability


The client is an intense consideration office of a Healthcare Organisation with 1,300 workers serving an enormous country region in need of Learning Management System for Healthcare Industry


With little schooling division taking care of a few parts of representative preparation, organizers required an answer for content that was speedy and productive with a platform that is also fast and easy. Staff required explicit preparation among others.

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SOLUTION – Learning Management System for Healthcare Industry

The client needed rapid solutions from the development of SCORM to Execution, so it was simple and advantageous to go to Content Engineering Learning Management System for Healthcare Industry, as it gave dependable, predictable substance to meet existing confirmation needs, also as satisfied that could assist with other training drives. With proficient and intelligent conveyance, it was incredibly available for their bustling staff, who valued the admittance to self-administration, online courses.

  • In the primary year, organizers used 50 extraordinary courses inside Bytecasting.
  • Had the courses been grown physically, the expense would have been an expected $18,000.
  • By using Bytecasting, they had the option to get underlying reserve funds of 73.1% for those underlying 50 courses.
  • Added to this is the time saved, which was assessed to require 8 hours for every course physically – presently, facilitators approached in excess of 2,000 arranged courses, definitely slicing an opportunity to make or allot courses.