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3 Sales Enablement Video Role Play tips to boost sales training

It’s a common belief among those staging plays that disastrous dress rehearsals predict fantastic opening nights.

Whether you believe in superstition or not, you cannot discount the importance of clearing out errors during practice sessions. There is a lot at stake as reps leave sales onboarding and begin selling. Now is not the time to experiment with new methods.

When properly executed, Sales Enablement Video Role Play is one of the greatest ways to train, coach, and enhance sales reps’ abilities during sales onboarding. Sales managers, trainers, and enablement specialists have the opportunity to see new reps in action, provide explanations for why a specific strategy or approach might not be successful, and then guide the reps to a more effective course of action.

Sales Enablement is greatly accelerated by modern sales learning tools. Future sales managers of new hires can participate in video role play during onboarding and watch live role play sessions from Bootcamp for later assessment. Additionally, sales representatives receive coaching and feedback from their management in addition to objective audiovisual standards of their proficiency. They can monitor the development of those talents over time.

For creating a Sales Enablement video role play that genuinely develops skills during sales onboarding, consider the following three strategies:

1- Practice with a single skill

This exercise only covers a very small portion of the exact skills you want your rep to work on. Consider allowing your reps to rehearse only one part of a prospecting call, such as making an empathy statement or concluding with the next actions, rather than having them practice the entire prospecting call. This tactic is particularly useful for novice reps since it positions them for little victories that boost confidence.

2- Scenario/Case Study Role Play

This exercise complicates things by replicating a complete conversation. Your representative could rehearse their sales pitch or product demonstration for this exercise. Once they get a basic script down, surprise them with “tough” clients to make it more difficult. What should you do if a client comes across as extremely reserved, doubtful, or dissatisfied? Get new hires to practice managing these scenarios right away so that they will have the training to fall back on when they are in the field and emotions are running high.

3- Method Simulations

This sophisticated exercise covers numerous significant client encounters throughout time. Imagine it as training for a flying simulator. Just as they would in real life, your agents are prospecting for a specific firm while dealing with a variety of obstacles, including rivals, market fluctuations, client concerns, and more. Your sales team needs to develop an assault plan, decide which decision-makers to contact and how to communicate with them as part of this multi-day exercise.

Whatever strategy you choose, make sure to provide sales representatives with constructive criticism. To make your argument clear, you should provide feedback right once the activity happens. Give the sales rep specific feedback on the areas of their role play where they could have done better, and then have a conversation with them about those instances. And always remember to compliment them on the parts of their work that you appreciate, even if there are a few things that need to be fixed.

New reps can “test drive” their presentations and talk tracks during sales onboarding, long before they actually present them to actual clients. Face-to-face interaction is essential to sales training, but Sales Enablement Video Role play solutions frequently provide reps with greater structure. While training and enablement specialists can give input on key points of a role play without having to interrupt the rep, managers get the ability to take part in early onboarding.

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