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Sales enablement

How a Sales Enablement Solution charge Your Sales Team

For any sales team, information exchange can be a little challenging without the appropriate goods and services. I’m going to focus on distributed sales teams in particular because they’ve gained more and more traction over the past several years.

There are many benefits to distributed teams. Better hiring prospects, short commutes, and the possibility to place reps close to some of your larger clients are a few of the key benefits. Distributed teams can be difficult, though, partly because communication is difficult when team members aren’t in the same room together. Slack, Trello, and other solutions are addressing three significant pain points for remote teams, your sales team needs more than just chat or task management tools to close deals.

Let’s take a closer look at the challenges that a remote sales team encounters, particularly with regard to information sharing across your team. At Bytecasting Sales Enablement, we specialize in offering a sales enablement solution that offers your salespeople fast access to your sales knowledge.

Being consistent and on message with a remote team is challenging

Speaking the same language from the same sales playbook becomes practically difficult when reps lack access to a consolidated information base. Communication is one of the most difficult aspects of leading a remote team. The portrayal of your brand becomes distorted when agents start communicating conflicting messages to prospects and customers. Before you know it, your customers have inflated expectations that could ruin a long-term relationship.

Even worse, conflicting messaging from your reps affects more than just your sales team. Your reps will likely submit outdated material or refrain from providing any at all if they don’t know where to look for it in the variety of knowledge bases your staff may utilize, which may upset your marketing team (Slack, email, Google docs, Box, etc). And the numbers support it: According to Sirius Decisions reported that 60-70% of content produced by marketing teams is not used. For the information they require to close deals, your reps require a lone source of truth they can rely on.

Finally, the inconsistent message for your agents will also annoy your customer success staff. Your sales team should be doing all possible to moderate prospects’ expectations so that your customer success team will astound prospects with the quality of service they provide. Sales and customer success should speak with the same voice. However, inconsistencies will only make your success team’s job harder and could give off a bad impression, which will make it challenging to establish the trust required for a long-term partnership.

Onboarding new reps virtually is a tough task

Let’s not overlook onboarding, which is the most expensive difficulty for the majority of enterprises. As we previously stated, it typically takes 7 months and costs close to $30,000 to find and onboard a new sales representative.

Since they can’t have those brief “water cooler” conversations with other people that can assist fuel the onboarding process, it’s particularly difficult for new remote reps to get up to speed. Due to the absence of face time and hands-on support you can provide in person, remote teams appear to be at a disadvantage. Fortunately, there is the 70:20:10 model of learning, which states that only 10% of learning comes from studying materials, and 70% of learning occurs “on the job.”

Your sales enablement system needs to be able to give your remote reps access to that 70% of on-the-job learning so they can onboard more quickly. Of course, without building confidence and establishing your enabling solution as the one source of truth, as was previously indicated, this is not possible. Finding a sales enablement system that delivers pertinent content to your reps based on the app they are using, however, will really help you take it to the next level and maximize on-the-job learning.

As shown in the animation up above, Salesforce surfaces pertinent case studies, data sheets, and positioning points based on fields in the opportunity record. Pushing that material to reps in context not only ensures consistency across all of your reps but also reinforces and teaches them the proper document or talking points to use when speaking with prospects.

So why are you still waiting? By deploying a sales enablement system right away, you can make sure that your remote sales staff is performing to the best of their abilities.

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