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Sales Role-Play Scripts

How to Create Sales Role-Play Scripts

Role-playing scripts for sales are a crucial strategy for increasing sales. Here are some crucial components to add to your scripts for sales role plays.

Introduction to the gatekeeper

Nearly 50% of prospecting phone calls should be expected to be answered by a gatekeeper of some kind. Having that idea of what you can say to a gatekeeper can be quite beneficial because many gatekeepers will try to screen out salespeople.

Introduction of the Target Prospect

When introducing oneself to your target prospect, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. There are a few alternatives available to you here, but one that we advise you to take is to offer a value statement. Here is an illustration from one of our scripts for sales role-playing.

“Have I interrupted anything, [Your Name] from SalesScripter says hello to [Contact’s Name].

Great. My call is intended to assist sales managers in increasing their team’s success with lead generation and outbound phone prospecting.

Since I’m not sure if you require what our services offer, I only had a few questions.”

Questioning Sales Personnel

The salesperson who asks the best questions is, in our opinion, the best salesperson. Consequently, it is crucial to have scripts for appropriate inquiries in sales role-plays. Here is an illustration of a question we might ask:

“Are your sales representatives capable of generating leads and entering new customers regularly?

How worried are you about the length of time it takes to ramp up and execute new sales hires?

How certain are you that all of your sales personnel are posing the proper inquiries to prospects?

Is it crucial to repair and reorient underperforming sales resources?

Do you intend to reduce the turnover of your sales team?

Are you willing to look into novel approaches to improve sales performance?

Do your sales staff members employ any scripts or playbooks?”

Having a decent list of questions is a fantastic first step, but the key to moving forward is practicing how to handle the various responses that prospects may give.

Expected Reactions

When speaking with prospects, objections are a given. Stop and take some time in advance to role-play what you can say to either get around the objection or keep the conversation continuing rather than attempting to come up with a response when they are brought up.

Here are some very common objections that you can anticipate.

“Right now, I’m busy.

How does this relate to anything?

I have no interest.

Just email me some details, please.

Right now, nothing is being done.

Right now, we are not changing anything.

Nothing is currently changeable on my end.

There is no budget for us.

For that, we already have a person.”

Use sales role-play scripts for these and any other arguments you anticipate customers will have regarding the things you offer to enhance your results right now.

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