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Sales Enablement Video

Sales Enablement Video – The Whats, the Whys, and the Hows

Sales enablement is exactly what it sounds like: a set of practices, actions, and measures designed to assist sales representatives in closing more deals in the most effective manner possible.

Without sales enablement, your sales personnel are essentially left in the dark, attempting to sell at random and arbitrarily.

That is why, by all means, sales enablement should be included in your overall business plan.

And do you want to boost your sales enablement game and empower your salespeople in the simplest, quickest, and most engaging way possible?

You guessed correctly – it’s videos!

Since Sales Enablement Video has become the next big thing in business, we’re determined to help you get started with it as soon as possible, so we’ll go over all the crucial details, such as:

  • What exactly is Sales Enablement Video, and why is it so effective?
  • How to Maximize Sales Enablement Video- everything you’ll ever need to rock your Sales Enablement Video approach.


  • Videos are one of the most adaptable mediums available, which makes them ideal for sales enablement because their applications are nearly limitless.
  • Sales Support From staff training and onboarding films to customer reviews and everything in between, video covers a wide range of topics.
  • A comprehensive analytics dashboard can help you gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Various types of videos should be included in any successful Sales Enablement Video strategy, and we’ll supply you with the information you need to create your flawless strategy.

Why should you use Sales Enablement Video, and what is it exactly?

The phrase Sales Enablement Video is self-explanatory: it refers to the usage of videos as a primary means of assisting your salespeople to accomplish their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

And what makes films so important in sales enablement?

There are numerous reasons why videos have become an essential component of any good sales and marketing strategy, including sales enablement,

  • If both choices are available, 59% of senior executives say they would rather watch a video on a topic than read about it in a book.
  • People only recall roughly 10% of a message when reading it in print, but 95% while watching it on video.
  • Video is the second most popular form of material on social media for increasing audience engagement.
  • LinkedIn video campaigns have a 50% view rate.
  • 94% of marketers believe video has improved their comprehension of a product or service.
  • Video testimonials are the most effective marketing tool.
  • 80% of video marketers claim that video directly increases revenue.

The statistics speak for themselves: videos are the most effective medium for increasing audience engagement and conversions, and they can leave a much stronger and more personal impression than any other sort of content.

Isn’t it cool?

So, why not capitalize on the gold mine that videos have become by incorporating them into your sales enablement strategy?

It’s never been easier to design your own Sales Enablement Video strategy – all you need is a solid video-making program and some innovative ideas for incorporating video into your sales enablement plan.

And, to assist you to replace your boring old sales enablement with a far more efficient and entertaining Sales Enablement Video, we’ll reveal some of the top Sales Enablement Video use cases that are likely to catapult your sales.

With ASP Sales Enablement, you can quickly bring your Sales Enablement Video plan to life. Sign up now to begin free video recording and sharing.

Sales Enablement Video use case #1 – Onboarding new employees

Transforming those inexperienced sales associates into lean, mean-selling machines will unavoidably take time and effort on your part.

You cannot function without teaching new staff about your product, its benefits, drawbacks, target audience, and ICP.

Because you may offer extensive explanations, tutorials, training material, and whatever else you may need to help your new employees get the feel of your company’s finest sales techniques, videos can considerably boost that.

In reality, some research has revealed:

  • Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails, or web articles; video lowers the cost of employee training; 
  • Video ensures uniformity in training materials and experiences;
  • Video improves employee retention.
  • Videos improve learning by 83%, with the effects growing with time.

And, after you’ve created movies that provide in-depth explanations – or basic ones, depending on what you need in a given case – you may reuse them for as many new employees as you have.

So, make an effort to create a film once and get the benefits of your labor many times over.

That’s a very ingenious way to save time, energy, and money all at once.

Sales Enablement Video use case #2 – Training videos

The issue with sales and marketing is that they require constant learning and progress because the market fluctuates and changes in the blink of an eye.

That is why, if you want your employees to stay ahead of the game, you must regularly train and educate them, both new and experienced.

The issue here is that the forgetting curve is enormous: studies have shown that people will forget up to 50% of the material you’ve delivered.

And it gets worse: employees claim to have forgotten up to 90% of what they’ve been taught in as little as one week.

And, once again, videos emerge as the most effective employee-training tool.

Videos will help you tremendously with this problem for one simple reason: you can construct an easily accessible database of training videos.

Employees can then use those films whenever they need to learn something new, refresh their memory, or enhance their knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, filming videos of all the important information about your company, classes, training guides, and programs and preserving them for later use allows your staff to learn at their own pace.

Such practice will assist them in comprehending and remembering far more knowledge than they would otherwise.

Sales Enablement Video use case #3 – Create the most actionable content

The best method to help your sales agents excel in their jobs is to provide them with the best content possible:

  • Create leads.
  • Boost your conversion rate.
  • Assist in customer retention.

It’s videos, as you may have guessed.

Because people are visual animals, videos are the most engaging piece of content for all types of audiences, including decision-makers, consumers, and prospects.

Creating highly tailored films for each stage of your sales funnel will perform wonders, whether it’s:

  • Prospecting – since you can make movies that help consumers learn more about your brand, unique use cases, and benefits;
  • Making extensive walkthroughs, tutorials, and product presentations to educate your audience;
  • Onboarding new clients – using personalized welcome films that are sure to keep them coming back because they will feel valued and acknowledged;
  • Following up – Rekindle your relationship with previous customers by creating videos with special custom-made offers for them only and sending them quickly via email or sharing them in applications like LinkedIn or Slack.

When creating lesson or walkthrough videos, make sure to record both your screen and yourself to make them more personal and engaging.

ASP Sales Enablement allows you to record both concurrently, and it also has some cool features like a camera highlight for when you need that extra focus.

Furthermore, incorporating a unique touch, such as a customized landing page targeted to a single prospect or a customized animated thumbnail, will boost your conversions.

Sales Enablement Video use case #4 – Ask the customer

There is no better insight into your product’s strengths and weaknesses than that provided by your customers.

As a result, you should make gathering client feedback a requirement of your sales enablement strategy.

By soliciting feedback from your clients, you will give sales representatives solutions to critical questions such as:

  • What is your product’s most common use case?
  • What distinguishes it from other similar products?
  • What is the most typical problem that consumers encounter?
  • What, if anything, would they do differently?

Nobody knows this better than the people who have used and enjoyed – or disliked – your product or service.

And once you know what makes your product unique, what turns customers off, or what aspects should be improved, you’ll have given your sales staff an unbeatable weapon for their future ventures.

Although textual reviews are sufficient, having your consumers film short videos of themselves discussing your product kills two birds with one stone:

  • Your sales associates will receive the information they require to better understand your product-market fit.
  • You can always use those testimonials in future marketing efforts, incorporate them in video sales letters, and publish them on social media or your website to boost the legitimacy and emotional appeal of your company.

With ASP Sales Enablement’s request videos feature, your users may record a video simply by clicking on a link you send them – no installation required – and the film will be automatically uploaded to you.

And if you’re stuck on what questions to ask your consumers to obtain the best knowledge of all the important details, check out our blog for some expert advice.

Sales Enablement Video use case #5 – Track the stats

Another reason why videos are a great addition to your sales enablement strategy is that they make it simple to keep track of all the important data.

Video analytics can provide you with crucial insights into important issues such as:

  • Where your target audience is primarily from; 
  • Where your viewers stop viewing; 
  • What percentage of the video has been watched; 
  • How many likes or hits on CTA buttons has your video received?

All of these statistics may tell you how appealing your content is if it resonates with your target audience and whether you have a solid product-market fit, among other things.

Having capabilities like video insights and video heatmaps will help you keep track of everything.

And because these statistics are rather simple, you’ll be able to grasp them even if you have no prior knowledge of the arcane arts of analytics.

Take note of this data, as it will assist your sales personnel in gaining a far greater knowledge of what to do and what to avoid at all costs.

In conclusion

Equipping your salespeople with all of the required information and know-how about the specific product you’re selling, as well as insights into your target demographic and their pain areas, will save you a significant amount of time, money, and energy.

That alone explains why Sales Enablement Video has become essential.

The only limit to how you may use videos to help and improve your sales enablement is your creativity and imagination.

So, don’t miss out on all the excitement, and start using videos to increase your sales.

You may begin implementing your Sales Enablement Video plan right away with ASP Sales Enablement. It’s never been easier to make and share any form of video on the internet!

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