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training sales team with video scenario

Training Sales Team with Video Scenario

Having trouble supporting your remote sales team? Learn how to training sales team with video scenario to onboard, coach, train, and communicate with your remote sales representatives.

Managing a growing remote sales force is fraught with difficulties. How can you ensure that everyone follows the same playbook, remains aligned as your team grows, and stays up to current on changes?

You can training sales team with video scenario for more than just prospect outreach. It’s also your go-to resource for assisting and engaging your remote sales crew. Whatever their location, a brief video can provide the information they require to succeed…without you having to put up a 500-word email.

We’re not talking about video calls here. We’re talking about an “asynchronous” video, which is a video that you record ahead of time and then transmit out. When your team is ready, they can watch it. It’s ideal for any schedule, whether a rep is on a sales call or working in a time zone halfway around the world.

We’ll share actionable suggestions for using video to lead your team in this tutorial. Here’s what we’ll talk about:

Onboarding: How to use video to teach your employees all they need to know from the start.

Coaching: How to use video to be the best resource for your team, especially if you’re short on time.

Training: Using video to help your staff continuously learn and develop.

Communication: How to use video to keep everyone on the same page by communicating frequently, openly, and continuously.

Getting Your Remote Sales Team Started

So your crew is expanding, and you need to bring everyone up to speed quickly! Don’t freak out. Even if they aren’t in the same building/city/hemisphere as you, video is a terrific approach to bring on new reps. Here’s where to begin.

Company Orientation Videos

New hires must comprehend the company culture, code of conduct, and product knowledge. Make this journey as simple as possible by organizing a self-guided set of movies into an eLearning module or playlist.

Your Remote Sales Team Must Be Trained

Every sales team must constantly learn and develop…

However, the remote nature of your workforce may cause problems. By delivering sales instruction in a convenient, consumable manner, the video breaks through those barriers. Here are some video training options for your team.

Pitching practice

When your messaging shifts, request that your team make elevator pitch videos for you to analyze. Repeat the message in many ways until they get it right. The final film can be used as a model for future training.

Customer Testimonials

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to communicate any message. Record customer tales with your team to practice getting familiar with your value proposition. You can provide feedback on their delivery, and they can include finished films in their cadences.


When your team members are stuck, it may be easier (for everyone) if they generate quick screen record films of their inquiries. You’ll be able to view what’s going on and answer with your own screen video of the solution. Put it in a resource library or video hub for future use.

Coaching Your Distributed Sales Team

With so many direct reports, it can be difficult to spend quality face-to-face time with each one. Video allows you to make the most of your limited teaching time. Instead of filling your calendar with calls, consider using asynchronous video to communicate at your own pace.


Because video is the next best thing to being there in person, utilize it to stay in touch with your team, whether they’re remote or on-site. You can use short films to deliver updates or to stay in touch. (However, there are situations when you need to connect in real-time. In such cases, video conferencing software is your best bet.)

Replays in Real Time

Make a video to accompany each stage of your sales cycle. Video may help with deal advancement in a variety of ways, from prospecting and discovery calls to micro-demos and hand-offs. Regularly review your team’s recordings to provide comments on items like body language and discussion tracks.

Course Revision

Maintain a library of high-quality videos for your team to review and refer to. When your reps need to change their messaging to match with best practices, direct them to these videos. These can be used for competitive talk tracks, objection processing, and other purposes.

Contacting Your Remote Sales Team

To accomplish their best work, your staff must be up-to-date and on the same page. Frequent and open communication when distant may appear difficult, but the video makes it much easier to stay in touch with your staff. Here are our top video tips for keeping communication channels open with your remote workforce.


When difficulties develop, make sure to document your remedies. Add them to your collection for future use, whether it’s a fast selfie video describing how to resolve a difficult issue or a screen grab of a technical fix.

Positioning and messaging

When things are moving swiftly, it is critical to provide clarity. To properly define critical information such as the value proposition, use video to communicate the new message, positioning, or product upgrades. Provide on-demand access to the videos for short refreshers before calls and meetings.


Instead of time-consuming meetings or lengthy emails, use video to transmit vital yet detailed information such as pipeline and quota updates. Increase engagement while allowing your staff to watch at their leisure. You may also keep track of who is viewing in order to hold people accountable.

Keep the Three C’s of Remote Sales Team Management in mind.
Managing a remote sales staff is a difficult task. However, the video may assist you with onboarding, training, coaching, and beyond.

In conjunction with the film, we offer the “three C’s” to help a growing sales force achieve alignment and long-term success: clarity, communication, and collaboration. As long as you keep those C’s in mind (and make video a vital element of your team engagement! ), you’ll be able to provide the support your remote team requires to succeed.

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