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What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

Although some people may not even be aware of it, they are carrying out the duties of a sales enablement expert. Sales enablement has numerous moving elements. To help make clear what sales enablement is and how companies can successfully implement their strategy, we continue our sales enablement blog series. Here is all you need to know about sales enablement in case you need a reminder.

According to research by the Sales Management Association, companies that were “laggards” in adopting sales technology witnessed a 12% decline in the yearly achievement of their sales goals. With so many options available, it’s critical to understand what sales enablement tools do and what to look for when choosing the best solution. Modern firms that want to empower salespeople and complete deals faster are increasingly using these tools.

What is a Sales Enablement Tool?

The technology that makes sales enablement practical is known as a sales enablement tool. Best-in-class sales enablement solutions bring all departments together in one location, automating procedures, and providing several benefits to both sales and marketing, however, some firms use different platforms to manage sales enablement.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article titled “How B2B Sellers Are Offering Personalization at Scale,” it was said that eighty percent of buyers don’t think that the salespeople they work with have a thorough understanding of their industry. Platforms for sales enablement make it simple for sellers to obtain the training materials they require to keep current on techniques and corporate, market, and unique client information to conduct meaningful discussions with customers. Additionally, they make it simple for marketers to produce, distribute, and update material aimed at customers at various stages of the sales funnel to assist sales representatives’ pitches.

Although there are numerous digital sales enablement solutions available, you want to choose the one that offers all of the features you require in a single integrated package.

Choosing the Best Sales Enablement Tools

The following characteristics should be considered when evaluating sales enablement solutions:

CRM integration

Your sales staff operates daily using CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which is essentially a database with all the data required to manage accounts in their pipeline and

 advance the purchasing process for customers. Don’t be shocked if your reps don’t use a sales enablement system you choose if it doesn’t integrate with your CRM.


Regardless of a salesperson’s level of expertise, training is always crucial. To attract potential buyers, a seller must stay current on changes in internal processes, industries, and specific clients. Reps may study information whenever it’s convenient for them thanks to easily digestible training tools like videos and quick quizzes. Members of your sales team can analyze their performance and continually improve by using the built-in capability to record practice pitches and play them back.

Capabilities in sales and marketing

The relationship between the sales and marketing teams is a crucial component of sales enablement, so seek a platform that grants access to both. Collaboration and communication are simple because both teams are using the same tool. Marketing receives the sales intelligence they need to create compelling content, and sellers receive that content back to use in their interactions with buyers.


Without any sort of analytics component, you won’t be able to gauge the effectiveness of your sales enablement approach. You should be able to see what material is being used, how and how frequently it is being used, as well as whether the information is successful in assisting sales representatives in closing deals. Knowing what works and what doesn’t enables you to improve some pieces of material while removing or eliminating others.

Portable access

Mobile access is particularly crucial if your sellers travel because reps need to be able to access content when out and about when they might not always have access to a computer or wifi. In addition, training can be completed at the student’s convenience on their schedule rather than taking up valuable working time by attending lectures.

All the sales enablement features you want are combined into a single, user-friendly solution by the ASP sales enablement platform. To find out more or to arrange a demo, contact us right now.

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